New Hair Style Prompts Jump in Polls for Mitt Romney

In a changing world, candidate decides to do the unthinkable: Part his hair on the opposite side. Voters react positively.

BY ZSA ZSA GABOOR: Mitt Romney changed his appearance this week, which caught the eye of many political advisors and voters alike. The new Mitt Romney look has a flair all it’s own, and many think he is likely to win the presidency.

The old look was cumbersome, one that espoused a tortured soul, a conflicted man at heart. His advisors spent months trying to straighten out his personality to be more aligned with the population at large, but to no avail.

The new look has changed everything. It is the same man, the same suit, and the same persona, but the tide has turned in Mitt Romney’s favor.

According to recent polls, he has stolen the lead from Newt Gingrich, and many will attest that his new hair style is the reason.

It’s a simple fact that a fresh perspective can at times provide a new outlook on life, as many Goose readers have experienced. A makeover, a new eye liner, a new rouge for those puffy cheeks; it can mean all the difference. Now Mitt has his new look.

“You will see the man in a different light,” said Lisa Goldstein, the makeup extrodinaire who works for Loreal. “It is simply breathtaking in how the man appears now to be bold, decisive, and in
authority. Parting to the left can do that
to a man.”

When asked how he thought the new look will go over with the public, Democratic strategist, James Carville had a simple response. “It’s the perfect example of how we perceive him here on the Democratic side. And it’s kind of ironic he’s now parting his hair on the left. He’s a flip flopper.”


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