Tom Brady Appears on Sports Illustrated Cover: The Swimsuit Issue

NEW YORK: Sports Illustrated chose Tom Brady to grace the cover of their 2012 Swimsuit issue, to the chagrin of men across the country. In what many industry analysts are calling a bold move, the image of Tom Brady in a swimsuit follows up on the image of the Super Bowl Champion Giants two week’s prior.

“We felt it was time for a change, and our new designer, Bruno, he happens to be a very big fan of Tom Brady,” said Sports Illustrated editor Tom Schenk.

Subsequent newsstand sales have hit an all time low, despite heavy sales in the New England market.

Local Bostonian, Julia Sham, was pleased to see her favorite quarterback in a new light. “It shows how fit he is, and those pecs… wow! Hubba hubba,” When Goose reporters asked what she thought about the prior cover of Eli Manning winning the Super Bowl, she retorted with a verbal spew of epiphytes in true New England spirit.

Insiders believe the deal was negotiated before the game, where Tom Brady assured himself prominent exposure on the Super Bowl cover. When they lost, the Editors had to find a short-term solution and the Swimsuit issue was the only logical choice.

Part of the deal included an agreement to include Bill Belichick in one of the swimsuit lay outs.

“Sports Illustrated? No, it’s more like Sports Ill-ugly-ous.” said Bob Costas of NBC Sports.

Brady… Belichick… Boston, You’ve been Goosed!


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