New Expedia App Alerts Travelers to Where French Travel

WASHINGTON D.C. – Expedia launched a new App alerting travelers about where French citizens are traveling abroad. Given the consistency of obnoxious and rude behavior exuded by the French, Expedia has high expectations for the service.

“We’ve built a special technology that will alert global travelers about popular destinations among the French,” said John Falkner, Expedia’s Vice President of Marketing. “If we can help consumers avoid rude people, we think everyone will use it. And everyone in France, barring a few farmers and grape cultivators, are snobs.”

The App, named Le’ Frog, launched on Monday and 50,000 people have spent $9.99 for the service. Given the high price tag, experts are shocked at the number of downloads and rave reviews posted by consumers.

Fred Seymour of Atlanta planned to travel to Singapore later in February, but his use of Le’ Frog made him change his plans. “I saw Singapore, and several other countries in Southeast Asia highlighted in red.” When asked how he used the service, he said, “I called my rewards card, explained the likelihood of running into French citizens. They expressed grave concern and helped me revise my trip. Now I’m going to Australia, not many frogs are headed down there, thank god.”

The technology, according to Expedia experts, blends a database of travel-visa information, Facebook announcements, credit card information and airline reservations. The partnership has led to concerns about consumer privacy. Expedia did not express worry given how global travelers agree on avoiding the French.

“Let them take us to court, there’s not a jury in the world who hasn’t run into these French douche bags abroad, no one wants to hang out with them,” said John Falkner.

The service is also being advertised in France, where Expedia hopes the French utilize the App as a means to find other French travelers. The logic being that if they can corral these consumers to stay in a handful of places, it can further prevent rude interactions.

Travelers can even recommend destinations, which Fred Seymour has been actively doing since the App launched. “I was in Paris a few years ago. They are hands down the snottiest people I ever met. I’ve got a lovely destination for those peckers. It’s an island called Jumbala in Indonesia. Unfortunately for them, it happens to be a Leper colony.”

France, you’ve been Le’ Goosed!

Photo Credit: Frog, Map


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