New Organization Provides Clarity On Campaign Financing

A new group in Washington DC is leading the charge to provide greater transparency in American politics, called T.R.U.T.H. The aim of the organization is to illuminate the realities of what our political system is actively engaging itself with, and redefining politically correct phrases that don’t account for honest discussions.

The name of the think tank, T.R.U.T.H., goes against the grain of modern day politics. The Acronym stands for Total and Real Understanding of Treacherous Hypocrisy.

The organization issued a press release today that provides perspective on modern day phrases and words. It goes further to pair the terms with honest definitions, and highlights what the likely results are from our current campaign financing structure.

Some examples include the following:

Common term: Campaign Financing (Noun) – The act of financially contributing to a candidate’s election campaign.
Real Definition: Corruption

An example of ‘Campaign Financing’ in use: “I have contributed to your campaign, now you are my bitch. Pick up the phone when I call, or else.”

Common term: Super Pac (Noun) – An independent organization that promotes a candidate’s point of view(s) without coordinating with the candidate him/herself.
Real Definition: Bribery

An example of ‘Super PAC’ in use: “Wow, we had no idea our organization had so much in common with you Mr. / Ms. Candidate! We’ll throw in a million dollars to support your campaign. I wonder how many bills will we be able to pass through congress, with your name on it, that will serve our needs.”

Common term: Special Interest (Noun) – A group committed to one particular agenda that represents the best interests of members of the group, be it corporate or issue oriented.
Real Definition – Racketeering

An example of ‘Special Interest’ in use: “We have enough pull with your constituency to vote you out of office. So whatever idea you thought was good for the people, it better be really good for us, or we’ll fire your ass.”

Common term: Super Donor (Wealthy Person) – An individual who contributes significant sums of money to encourage / foster a candidate’s bid for public office.
Real Definition – Fraud

An example of ‘Super Donor’ in use: “You know, I think an ambassadorship assignment, in Italy would be quite lovely. You know who your daddy is? It’s my checking account, and if you want another check you better check my bags to Rome after you get in office.”

Readers can see for themselves how corruption, for example, is being actively redefined in the current economic climate. On Wikipedia, The Goose has illustrated these points in the write-up for ‘Political Corruption’ under the section, Modern Day Effects. The reporters of The Goose believe an honest and frank discussion is the best way to illustrate the reality of Washington politics.

To politicians everywhere – just say no, you’ve been Goosed!


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