Romney Secures Endorsement from Resurrected Archie Bunker

WASHINGTON DC:  Mitt Romney secured the endorsement of Archie Bunker, who was played by the deceased actor, Carroll O’Connor.  His resurrection from the dead took place yesterday for the Republican ceremony.

“It is with great privilege that I accept Archie Bunker’s endorsement, a man dedicated to hard work, strong opinions and true conservative values,” said Republican candidate Mitt Romney.

Appearing a bit dated and stale from 15 years of coffin confinement, his spirit was apparently revived upon hearing Mitt Romney’s fund raiser speech.  “I heard da man’s speech, and it spoke to me from beyond the grave, literally.  Not bad for a nut job Mormon.”

The speech Mr. Bunker referred to was the recently exposed fund-raiser video that highlighted candidate’s Romney’s concern with the welfare state.  The video has come under significant scrutiny of late.

“He’s a fighter, someone who will take on the meatheads and the Pollocks.  It’s woyth giving a man a shot at the White House!”  Mr. Bunker hollered from the podium.

Archie Bunker became famous for his outrageous opinions on the show, All In The Family, which aired on CBS from 1971 to 1979.

“I know his endorsement will resonate with those who hold true American values at heart, and although his views represents a niche in the Republican party, we’ll gladly promote his cause.”  Said Romney’s campaign manager, Karl Rove.

Archie Bunker responded to Mr. Rove’s comments.  “NIche?  What the hell are you talking about baldie.  You ever heard of da Tea Party?  We’re taking over!  We’s got the House, when we’s get the Senate we’ll take this country straight back to 1929!  Those were da days!”


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