Fox News Hires Fact Checking Team, May Skew Show Formats

NEW YORK:  News Corporation announced today a revamped Fox News fact-checking department with three new hires.

 “We are privileged to have these new and dedicated staff members, and we look forward to continuing our success in the news business,” said Sean Calamity, anchor and host of several Fox News shows.

The three new members were recruited based on their intelligence, knowledge of the facts, and dedication to conservative values.  Igor, who many will recognize from his scientific background in Young Frankenstein, will be responsible for overseeing Fox and Friends.

Brian Killmeade, one of the well-known hosts, expressed confidence in the new hire. “Igor is a well rounded individual, and someone I deeply admire. ”

Spicoli has been tasked with working with Bill O’Rielly, the conservative pundit and best-selling author.  “I have no doubt that Mr. Spicoli will bring a breathe of fresh air to the team.  We’ve never checked facts before.  He’s also well versed in medicinal sciences.”

Lloyd Christmas has several assignments, including fact-checking work for Sheppard Smith and Neil Cavuto. “I’m not entirely sure how facts relate to the process of reporting the news,” said Mr. Cavuto.  “My audience may not be prepared to manage an influx of real numbers of quotes.  It will be a learning process, especially for tea baggers who are only familiar with opinions and hubris.”


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