Romney Hires Mad Men for Makeover

NEW YORK:   The advertising agency, Sterling Price & Cooper, was hired today to bring a fresh approach to Mitt Romney’s campaign.  After falling behind in the polls and a horrible week of press coverage for the Republican, the agency admits it has many challenges to overcome.

“I have a simple philosophy. If you don’t like what people are saying, change the conversation,” said Don Draper, Creative Director of the agency.  “So we have to change everything.  Clothes, hairstyle, you name it.  It’s time for a makeover.”

The entire agency team is contributing to the effort.

To appeal to women, Joan Holloway decided to offer something that has worked for her in the corporate world.   “Boobs.  Everyone loves them, it will bring out Mitt’s paternal side, and he needs that right now because he needs more female voters.”

Vice President Rodger Sterling believes Mitt Romney needs to show he is a true American.   “We need red white and blue in the photograph, to highlight he is a true patriot at heart.  And we have to show he is physically fit, something that everyone can look up to.”

Pete Campbell, the ambitious young executive, provided a different perspective.   “We need Mitt celebrating, and show how he’s enjoying this opportunity to be in front of the cameras.  And he needs to relate to young voters.  Long hair would do the trick, perhaps the blonde look.  Yes, that’s a great idea, everyone loves blondes, especially when they are under Roger Sterling in the bedroom.”

The mock up below illustrates the agency’s first pass on what the new Mitt Romney visual will look like.  It blends the success of what has worked in the past for other Presidents and the need to appeal to female and young voters.  “His time has come, he is righteous, and he is the new Mitt Romney,” said Don Draper.


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