‘Romney Everywhere’ Ad Campaign Targets Florida, Impossible for Retirees To Escape

MIAMI:  With their coffers filled with Super PAC money, the Romney camp approved a campaign to target every voter in Florida with 50 ad messages a day.  The campaign goes live today and will run until the day before the election.

“This campaign will bring to light the evils of Obama Care, and by the time we’re done, every retiree will be waving their canes in the streets with fury at the President,” said Romney’s campaign manager, Karl Rove.

The media campaign includes early morning radio broadcasts in every Florida county, followed by local morning TV ads, robo-phone calls, local billboard and bus stop ads, lunchtime spam emails, blimps, helium balloons picturing Romney’s face and then a primetime onslaught that will appear on every device in the home.

“If there’s a square inch of space left to advertise within, we will own it within the next week,” said Don Draper, the Creative Director at Romney’s advertising agency, Cooper, Draper and Price.  “We’re even buying the backsides of bathroom stall doors.  They won’t be able to take a dump without getting a Romney ad message.”


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