DENVER:  Mitt Romney pulled off an impressive performance tonight in what was nothing short of a complete victory in tonight’s debate in Denver.  Democrats and Republicans alike confirmed that Romney came across as a strong challenger.

“I have to say, I’m shocked.  He gave him a good clubbing.  This is not good,” said Christine Matthews of MSMBC.

Republican supporters, who have watched Romney experience multiple public relations disasters, took joy in seeing Romney go toe-to-toe with the President.

“Tears of joy were running down my face while I watched.  I haven’t been this happy since Dukakis drove around in that tank in 1988,” said Bill O’Raily of Fax News.

Debate experts were surprised at another element of the event.  Jim Lehrer lost complete control of the event the moment after he introduced the candidates.

“He conducted himself in a manner that reminded me of the replacement referees in the NFL.  Next time he should bring a whistle.”


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