Voters Propose Unique Concept for Debate: Share Some Actual Ideas

DENVER:  Denver voters expressed what the vast majority of Americans would like to see in the first Presidential debate.  Local voter Jack Abrams summed up in four words what is on the minds of millions of voters.  “Share some freaking ideas!”

Pundits and average Americans alike have expressed frustration.  The absence of concrete ideas, and platforms from which to draw conclusions, have left many wondering what the debate tonight will be about.  “If it’s about good looks and who’s wearing what, I’d rather watch Dancing With The Stars.  I’d rather watch hot women dance than politicians dance around the issues,” said another local Denver voter.

Romney supporters themselves wonder what a post-Romney world would look like.  Fred Andrews, a life-long Republican, wondered what the candidate stood for.  “From what I heard, Romney is going to start a trade war with China, and create 10 million new jobs.  Uh, why… and how?  Isn’t a candidate supposed to explain how he will achieve his goals?”

Romney’s representatives declined to comment, further exacerbating the voter’s frustrations.

A Denver Obama supporter, Gina Simpson, searched everywhere to find out how Obama was going to contain and reduce the deficit.  “I actually called his campaign headquarters, I asked the person about deficit information.  He gave me some kind of gung-ho Obama speech instead. I accused him of attention deficit disorder and hung up.”

“It’s kind of like that Seinfeld episode,” said another Denver voter.  “The car-rental reservation. Anyone can take the reservation, but it helps if they actually hold the reservation.  The candidates can make promises, but it would help for them to show how they will make it happen.”

The voter went on to say, “And speaking of Seinfeld, that Romney guy reminds me of J. Peterman.”

Photo Courtesy – The Atlantic


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