Big Bird Sticks It To Romney, Endorses Obama

WASHINGTON DC:  Big Bird was on hand to formally endorse Barack Obama for president today.  Given the unexpected mention of his name during last night’s debate, he wanted to assure parents, children and fans alike where he stood politically.

“I am happy to report that I would like to endorse Barack Obama for President.  Yea!  Isn’t it fun to be happy?”  Said Big Bird.

The President was both charmed and amused at the Rose Garden ceremony.   “I appreciate and accept Big Bird’s support, thanks man.”

Reporters had the opportunity to ask the large-feathered animal some questions.  A Fox News reporter interrupted the process.  “Ah, excuse me, shouldn’t a children’s character not make political endorsements?”

“But I’m not a character, I’m real. Do you see my yellow fluffy feathers?”

“Yes but why would you want to antagonize Republican families?”


“I forgot, you’re a bird. By antagonize I mean-“

“Oh I understood you pal,” Big Bird then leaned in closer to the microphone.  “And I don’t appreciate the condescending attitude.  How would you like it if Romney said he was going to lay you off?”

The confused reporter replied, “I’m… Is this a joke?”

“Am I laughing?  What… am I a clown?  Do I amuse you or something?”

The reporter stood in shocked silence without saying a word.

“That’s what I figured.  What a douche, here’s a little something to show the Romney faithful over there at Fox.”

The crowd took pause at the sight of Big Bird giving the bird.  The ceremony promptly ended thereafter.



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