Liberal Media World Reeling After 1st Debate

Pundits nickname Obama as ‘Zoh-Bama’ after zombie-like performance

NEW YORK:  Liberal pundits and talk show hosts were speechless after the first debate between President Obama and Mitt Romney.  Many spoke out at length at the biggest disappointment to date for the Obama campaign.

“It was like watching a history professor stumble about trying to answer a complicated economic question.  Out of his element… chasing buzz phrases… he sucked,” said Christine Matthews of MSNBC.

“I’ve never witnessed a debate where the President starts out acting like one, but by the end looks like a candidate running for the State Assembly.  What the fuck just happened?”  Quipped Rachel Maddow.

“What the fuck just happened… I’ll tell you what happened, Obama opened the door, invited Romney in for tea and welcomed him into the race!  This shouldn’t be a race! Romney’s an asshole!” screamed Bill Mahrer while giving the bird to everyone in the room.

“I… I’m beside myself.”  An emotional Al Sharpton needed a moment.  “The greatest orator we’ve even seen.  The greatest visionary the world’s ever known.  Except… no one saw it last night.  Someone’s got to wake Obama up!  Or, we’ll wake up with Romney in our beds the morning after the election, and god damn that’s some serious coyote ugly, politically speaking.”


One thought on “Liberal Media World Reeling After 1st Debate

  1. Obama and most of the media has been defining Romney for many months and spending tens of millions of dollars to do it.
    Like the game show said, “will the the REAL Mitt Romney stand up”. Yes, the world found out who the real Romney is and also found the “REAL OBAMA”. Romney did it with class and respect (that we have not seen in 3 years ) and with well prepared facts and a plan to save the US from turning into a European failed model.
    Romney if he doesn’t turn things around (which he will) he wont be blaming Obama for the back room deals and payoffs that were made to push Obama care through (fact) that will ultimately bankrupt us and the many destructive decisions he has made in his term.
    I have one comment about this column, the analogy of a history Professor is giving him too credit, he looked like a child caught red handed and is not sure how he can lie his way out of it so he fumbles his way through hoping to squirm out of it.

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