Training To Beat Romney In Next Debate, Obama Preps With Punch Bags

BROOKLYN:  The Obama camp descended on Gleason’s Gym to start training for the next debate.  Taking a unique approach, the Democratic team is taking no chances.

“We believe an intense mental and physical approach is the right strategy,” Said campaign advisor, David Axelrod.  “And given the pounding Obama took Tuesday night, he needs all the training he can get.”

Overseeing the training is Rocky’s former coach, Micky Goldmill, made famous in the movie series.   He made his intentions clear at the press conference this morning.

“He’s gonna eat lightening… He’s gonna crap thunda!  We’re gonna give snobby Romney a beat down he ain’t never had before!” Screamed Micky.

The program involves intense calisthenics, push-ups, judistzu and of course boxing.  Rumor has it that the President will also chase chickens, like Rocky did in the movie, and flip industrial tires.

“I’m looking forward to getting back in the ring with Romney,” Said the President. “I have some unfinished business to tend to.”

“You got your head knocked off!  Now stop pissing tears and start squatting! Someone grab a spit bucket!”

Micky proceeded to scare off all the reporters in the room.


8 thoughts on “Training To Beat Romney In Next Debate, Obama Preps With Punch Bags

  1. Good laugh, love the Mickey character, humor continues as ya read the comments where peeps are trying to figure out how Mickey’s speaking from the grave, too funny!

  2. Have been enjoying the other articles, these just seemed like it was rush and an attempt at humor, but not quite as smart and savvy as the others—sorry just being honest.

  3. I don’t understand this article? The guy who played Mickey isn’t even alive so how could he train him or scream at a press conference. I get that it’s satire but using a dead person?

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