After The Rumble, Bill O’Rielly Returns to BullS–T Mountain

NEW YORK:  Bill O’Rielly returned to what John Stewart called Bull___T Mountain after his appearance in The Rumble, the Internet debate that took place last night.

“I felt I did very well, I conveyed the conservative opinions of the Fox faithful, and now I’ve returned to what Stewart refers to as BullS—t Mountain.  The hills are alive up here!”

The mountain Bill O’Rielly referred to is a tongue-in-cheek phrase Jon Stewart uses to describe where conservative values are presently centered.  The main point refers to conservative’s disregard for facts, and for holding President Obama to a higher standard than Presidents that came before him.

“Obama gets criticized by the right for seeking an entitlement state, but as John pointed out, entitlements in conservative eyes are best given to corporations that employ people.  Subsidies to Exxon Mobil is a classic example.  Those on the other side, i.e. regular Americans, who need assistance like food stamps, are considered moochers.   This is why I have no desire to visit or vacation on BullSh—t Mountain, they’re full of… well the name says it all,” said Supreme Court Justice Roberts.

The Rumble can be seen in its entirety below via YouTube, however those who watch it are encouraged to donate to the charity causes listed on the event’s site.


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