Jets Fans Universally Agree: Tim Tebow’s Time Has Come

RUTHERFORD, NJ:  After weeks of keeping a low profile as the Jet’s back up quarterback, Tim Tebow made his intentions clear today upon entering Met Life Stadium.

Wearing a papal smock and waving in Pope-like gestures to his fans, the Quarterback entered with great celebration and pageantry.  “Yes people, my time has come!  It’s time for Rex to see the light!”  Flower bearers threw rose petals before his steps.  One fan said it reminded him of Coming To America.

One person in Tebow’s entourage carried a boom box with the religious song, ‘We Shall Overcome,’ playing at high decibels.  “It adds a nice touch of flair, doesn’t it?”

The event took place on the heels of the Jet’s third consecutive loss.  The Houston Texans defeated the New York team handedly on their home turf in a nationally televised game.  Mr. Tebow orchestrated the event to demonstrate that the moment of his ascendancy has arrived.

“Geez, ah, let me think,” said long-time fan, Fireman Ed.  “Was it when Sanchez threw the interception with thirty seconds lift in the half, or the other interception at the end of what should have been the winning drive.  Enough is enough!  Lord have mercy, send in Tebow!” screamed the man.

Rex Ryan was not amused from the procession.  ‘The cross is a bit much to bear, then again, so is my game plan.  I’ll have to walk on water and then turn it into wine to save this team.”

“After 47 years without a Super Bowl, we just don’t need Tebow, this team needs an exorcism,” said the owner, Woody Johnson.

Photo Credit – Geoffrey F.


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