Psychologists Break Down Angry Joe And Robotic Ryan’s Performance

DANVILLE, KY:  Psychologists were on hand to watch the Vice Presidential debate tonight.  Representing the top echelon of behavioral science, they shared their opinions with reporters.

“I am making myself immediately available to Vice President Biden.  Politicians who are that fired up should be kept as far away from the White House as possible.  He needs lithium and lots of it.”

Several European shrinks were more concerned with Paul Ryan.  “I’ve never seen such a fake when it comes to what is the most important part of his job, which is to represent people.  Ryan’s an economic policy wonk that belongs behind the desk at the Fed.”

Federal Bank officials declined to comment whether or not job openings were available.  Reciprocally, local Washington DC pharmacies reported a shortage on Lithium due to the overwhelming number of unemployed people.

“What I think we need, is a comin’ together,” Said Dr. Phil, who appeared at the event uninvited.  “We need our candidates to speak openly, honestly and directly to the voters.”

The twenty psychologists acknowledged the comment, made by an actor who plays a doctor on TV, then disregarded it.

“Imagine if we could combine the two candidates.  Part passion, part factual with numbers, and someone who speaks candidly.  That would be a win win for everyone.”

“That does exist in our society,” said Dr. Edmund Freud of the Harvard Psychological Department.  “It exists in every sector of society outside of government.  Maybe it’s time we stop electing a bunch of schmucks.”


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