Obama Aides Told To Confiscate The President’s Blackberry Before 2nd Debate

NEW YORK:  Aides have been told by Democratic leaders to take the President’s Blackberry device before tonight’s debate.

Observers at the first debate noticed the President was constantly looking down at his smartphone device.  Although he denied the use of it, Michelle Obama reported that her husband was texting her.

“During the debate, I wrote back and said, get in the game!  He was worried that he bought me flowers I’m allergic to on our anniversary.  I texted him, stop being Mitt Romney’s bitch and fight!”

Mitt Romney also noticed the Blackberry device.  “At first I was concerned, but after I started pile driving him into the floorboards, I realized it was helping my cause.”  When asked what he would do if it happened again, he said, “Paul Ryan is going to text him those workout pictures of himself, you know, the Photo Shopped ones?”


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