Romney vs. Obama, Round Two Tonight

LONG ISLAND, NY:   Both Republican and Democratic camps have high expectations in what is being referred to as the upcoming, ‘Town Brawl’ debate tonight.

Pundits from the left and right have never been more excited.  Romney followers expect Mitt to deliver a knockout punch, while Obama supports are ready to see their man provide payback after the botched first debate.

“Romney flattened Obama like a pancake in the last debate, now he’s going to serve him with a side of bacon in round two.  You’ll see,” said Fox News host, Bill O’Whiney

“Listen up, Obama was playing possum in that first debate.  He was trying to give the liberals a jolt, especially when he peered down to read his Blackberry fifty times,” said Christine Matthews.

Advisors are not taking any chances and both candidates prepped this week around the clock.

“I woke Romney up at 3:00 AM last night, he was sleeping in his California King satin sheet bed.  After he put on his Gucci slippers and procured a cup of expensive Bhutan tea, he mock debated until 7:00 AM,” said campaign manager Karl Rove.

Matt Foley, the world-renowned motivational speaker, was brought on board to ‘amp up’ Obama’s performance.  “You call that a debate?  Well lottie freakin’ da, man did that first debate suck!  If he doesn’t turn it around, he’ll be living next to me… in a van down by the river!”


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