Redesigned NRA Logo Reflects Association’s Current State of Mind

NEW JERSEY:  A consultant group, made up of well educated and rationale professionals, has nra finalredesigned the NRA’s logo.  According to their opinion, the change in  name reflects how many NRA members perceive the world around them.

“This reflects what we believe is the Association’s current state of mind,” said Connor Sensee, the head consultant.  “Simply put, they have their head up their ass.”

The word ‘Rectal’ replaced ‘Rifle’ and the task force recommended that all members replace their current logo decal with the revised one.

The design is based on large part from the comments Wayne LaPierre made on Friday, December 22nd.  during the press conference, the Executive Vice President recommended armed guards should be placed in every school.

“Yes, that played a large part in our design process,” said Mr. Sensee, “His view of the world is likely clouded by two large butt cheeks that hinder one from seeing how the world really operates.”

The vast majority of NRA members disagree with the Association’s position following the Newtown tragedy.  “Look, a little common sense would do everyone good.  Put restrictions on the transportation of guns, ban automatic weapons, limit the clip size.  LaPierre and Keene?  Yeah, they can kiss my ass, once they dislodge their heads from their rectal cavities.”

To provoke the NRA to fire them, the consultants involved in the process made further recommendations in jest.  “We recommended that after the first guarded school gets attacked, the NRA should go further and recommend armed teachers.  Then we told them kids should be given hand guns, followed by child-size body armor for further protection.  That got a rise out of them, let me tell you!  We thought, fuck it, we’ve been paid, so we mocked them, gave em’ the bird and told them to go screw themselves.”

Logo Credit:  gfDsign


2 thoughts on “Redesigned NRA Logo Reflects Association’s Current State of Mind

  1. The NRA is a total joke, they try to tell the public that they care. That they also are concerned about the 2nd. Amendment. The NRA is not a cconcerned about anything but themselves.When they ask to have armed guards in our schools they don’t even have the common sense to see that teachers are there to teach not to police. When you look at the average school there are so many doors they would need to have a full squad of Officers in the building. That would also not protect our children or teachers from some A-hole who wants to kill people at random.
    However we do need new laws to control the type of guns available to the Public. An AR15 or AK47 are not what any one I have ever known used or needed to use when they have gone Deer hunting.

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