TV Series Highlights Aristocracy, Foretells End of an Era

Downton Abbey 2WASHINGTON DC:   PBS aired the first episode of its incredibly popular show this past Sunday night, and eight million viewers tuned into the Aristocratic melodrama.

“Drama is a proper word to describe these characters, I would also say principles are an important element as well,” said Roger Ebert, the respected film critic.  “The characters represent leadership from a by-gone era.”

Actors and actresses featured in the show, and in this article’s visual piece, represent the era of Aristocratic rule, one bent on preserving the interests of the super wealthy.  The forty-room castle, maids and servants are all centered on one mission:  To serve the interests of the top one percent of society.

“It is indeed a dated story, one destined for the history books.  When the government’s leadership focuses exclusively on the aristocracy, it is inevitable that changes have to take place,” said Bill Moyers of PBS.

The show takes place during a time when taxes on the super rich were low, despite increases in government deficits.  Those in government defended this process on the grounds that raising taxes was unethical.  A large swath of elite government representatives even signed pledges to never raise taxes, despite wars, recessions or necessary national investments.

“It’s kind of ironic, the aristocrats who are in power on the show fondly recall the 80’s, the Gilded age, as the best times in the country’s history.  I’m speaking of the 1880’s of course.   However, the king at the time did in fact raise taxes.  He had the common sense to avert a financial crisis.  That is something that is lacking with the leaders featured in this Drama series, which takes place during the teen years of a new century.  It’s just common sense to do what is right for the entire country rather than an elite few,” said the author, David Mcolloughgin.

Writers for the show plan to end the series with the inevitable upheaval that is destined to take place, and new leaders will replace the current cast members prior to the finale.  “I’m sure people will grow tired, if they are not already, with those in power who refuse to act responsibly and put the nation’s interest first before the Aristocrats.”


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