Downton Abbey Producers Create Muppets Special

Lessons In Manners For Disobedient American Children

Downton Abbey Muppets

LONDON:  The Producers of the hit TV show, Downton Abbey, have created a special episode for American children.

“We’ve witnessed an incredible response from the American marketplace.  Our show is about manners, and proper etiquette, which is severely lacking in American households.”  said the Lead Producer, Henry Dillwither.  “Now we’ll show the little tikes how to behave.  Perhaps the little ones will learn how to act like little ladies and gentlemen.”

The result of obedience training can be seen on Ms. Piggy’s face in the photograph above, where she has suffered from a black eye.  “She physically accosted the little green one, a pubic display of affection actually.  That is unacceptable in civilized British society.”

Ms. Piggy is recovering well and acting like a lady for the first time, as opposed to a horny lust-driven pig in heat.


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