Ray Lewis Honored in Boston, Locals Designate Him ‘Ray F—-ing Lewis’

BOSTON, MA:  The Ravens defeat of the Patriots in the AFC Championship game has Screen shot 2013-01-20 at 10.15.28 PMprompted locals to honor Ray Lewis with a local New England tradition.

“It is my awna to officially designate Ray Lewis as Ray… Fucking… Lewis.  May his soul rot in hell!”  Said Boston Mayor Thomas Menino.

The tradition, going back several generations, is bestowed upon certain athletes who contribute to the defeat of New England teams.  Given the lack of success among New England sports franchises, this has become what many believe to be a regular pattern.

“First, there was Bucky Fucking Dent.   I’ll celebrate when that bahstahd keels over.  Then came Derek Fucking Jeter.  Then Aaron Boone in 2003, like the Red Sox needed anotha moment like that.  Now the Ravens?  Ray Lewis?  No, now it’s Ray Fucking Lewis!”

At last report, 5,000,000 tweets by New England residents included the newly coined phrase.  Residents have already made it part of the local nomenclature.

“I just got back from the game, stopped at McDonalds, and the counta guy says, ya see that Ray fucking Lewis?  Huh?  I said shut up and give me my burga, he appreciated it.”


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