Gangnam Style Singer Sent To North Korea, Diffuses Nuclear Threat

Gangnam Style and Kim Jong-unSEOUL, SOUTH KOREA:  South Korean officials sent PSY on an ambassadorial mission to North
Korea to alleviate nuclear tensions.  According to Reuters, the communist state is considering a fresh round of atomic tests.

“We believe PSY, and his Gangnam Style dance, could pacify Kim Jong-un.  Word is he’s wound a little tight and needs to relax,” said South Korean president, Lee Myung-bak.  “He’s also clinically insane, so is PSY, they should get along well.”

Reporters were on hand during the press conference in Pyongyang to witness the meeting between PSY and Kim.  After introductions and pleasantries, one of PSY’s henchmen revealed a boom box and PSY provided dance instructions to the North Korean dictator.  It was obvious to everyone that the Tyrant lacks any dance skills.

“He was very resistant, he has no rhythm, when he moved it was like someone zapped him with a tazzer,” said PSY.  For the next fifteen minutes, onlookers watched as Kim Jong-hu displayed a white-man’s overbite while trying to do the horse dance.

Two female dancers, who escorted PSY to North Korea, were detained after the ceremony.   According to insiders, the girls were prostitutes and a wild cocaine-induced threesome took place with Kim in the Presidential suite.   The girls returned in the evening with a diplomatic compromise:  A signed peace agreement in tandem with a video of Kim Jong-hu that is reportedly very compromising.


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