HBO Plans ‘Jump The Shark’ Moment For Entourage: Movie In The Works

Screen shot 2013-01-29 at 11.34.17 PM

HOLLYWOOD:  HBO is reviving the defunct and has-been series, Entourage, by bringing it back to the big screen.  Producers believe ten more dollars of profit can be squeezed from the franchise.

“The show is wrapped up.  The lead actor (Vincent Chase) is married, so is his manager, Eric Murphy.  How’s the movie going to kick off, courtroom scenes of the two getting divorced, then they run out to buy condoms in celebration?  Please,” said Stephen Spielberg.

One element of the story that helped to sell the concept to the studio was the role of Ari Goldman, played by Jeremy Piven.  He will be cast as the CEO of a major studio.  The actor has been rumored to be gearing up for production as there’s a shortage of cocaine on Hollywood Boulevard.  “He was over the top in the show, now he needs to amp up his coke intake to take it to the next level,” said Jeremy’s close friend and cohort, Charlie Sheen.

Fans of the show have no idea how Turtle and Drama, two noteworthy sidekicks, will be able to maintain interest in their characters beyond thirty minutes.  “I can tolerate Kevin Dillon for twenty-five minutes, but when I watch back to back episodes of Entourage, I often throw up in my mouth,” said his brother, Matt Dillon.

Entourage fans will be pleased to know the total movie time will not run past one hour and thirty minutes.  Experts believe the lead actor, Adrian Grenier, would have been better served acting in the fictional movie, Aquaman, which was a story line in season 4.


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