Weather Channel Drama Queens Aim For Emmy In, ‘Nemo: The Blizzard’

Screen shot 2013-02-08 at 7.34.49 PM

NEW YORK:  TV Executives are both puzzled and enamored with what’s taking place on the Weather Channel.  The website, which touts over-the-top headlines, now features on-air talent that seem hell-bent on earning a daytime drama award.

Anchors and field reporters have amped up their on-screen presence, and many television critics have equated their reporting to a soap-opera like experience.

“ has a headline that reads, ‘life-threatening storm closing in.’  Well they certainly know how to exude that on air.  I’m waiting for one anchor to say to the other, you complete me, and cross the room to smooch,” said Roger Ebert.

Fans of the channel note how music themes mirror the subject matter, and have the same feel of a Star Wars soundtrack.  “I’m watching a Tornado special, and it sounds like Spielberg was involved with the audio work.  Such drama, such action!”

The Weather Channel will likely face stiff competition for Daytime Drama Emmy Awards, as they will be going up against The View, Dr. Phil and Judge Judy.


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