The Goose Gets A Makeover: Redesigned Website

Goose makeoverGOOSE ISLAND, USA: is proud to debut an improved website design, which launched on February 15th.

“The Goose got lucky on Valentine’s Day, that was awesome.  When the Goose gets loose, it’s a kick in his caboose, so the Goose gets going, and it was time for a change,” said the Editor In Chief.

The reporter, who works for, asked why his boss chose to speak in the third person.  “Shut up and finish the story, I’ve got shit to do.”

The website provides better visuals, a synopsis of stories, and doesn’t scroll down into eternity like it used to.  “That was annoying, it had to go.”

Users can access stories with ease and link to Facebook, Twitter and social platforms.

The Editor In Chief asked his audience to do him a favor.  “The Goose needs more Facebook ‘cred,’ do The Goose a solid and like us on Facebook.  If we get to 300 likes by the end of March, we’ll do a piece on Mark Zuckerberg, and embarrass the crap out of him,” said the Goose.


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