Study Finds Men Can Save Money At Home Depot: Leave Wife At Home

PARAMUS, NJ:  A leading research company that specializes in retail found that men who shop nagging wifealone at Home Depot can save 20% a year.  When wives are present, they more often than not add to the shopping list.

John Terrance of Paramus, who shops at a local Home Depot, whole-heartedly agrees with the research.  “It’s incredible.  I’m in there with my wife and all we need is a shovel and some light bulbs.  Then she darts up the lighting aisle.  Hey, she says, how about a new hallway light?  How about a new mailbox?  I need a mop, a trash bin.  If she keeps shopping with me, pretty soon I’ll need a home equity loan.”

Observations at the Paramus Home Depot confirmed the study’s findings.  Men shopping alone carried a handful of items.  Men with their wives were often pushing around weighed-down shopping carts.

The male store manager empathized.  “In this store at least, when their wives get on it, they really get on it.  I’ve seen guys point to things to make their wives look, then they toss an item or two from their shopping cart down an aisle.  The honey-do list only gets bigger when a man’s got his wife with him.”

In order for husbands to save money, the research company recommends for a husband to flat-out lie to his wife about going to Home Depot.  When he comes back with home-improvement items, he will look like a hero rather than a guy who’s a penny pincher that hates getting nagged.


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