Study Finds Only 30% of CNN Stories Represent Actual News

cnn storyNEW YORK:  A recent study published by the American Society of Broadcasters (A.S.B.) found that 70% of CNN content represents something other than actual news.  Entertainment-related gossip and snarky opinionated ramblings now represent the core of CNN programming.

The A.S.B. analyzed the content of twenty major news organizations.  Ranked number twenty was CNN, the pioneer in cable news.

The two highest-rated channels for actual news content were BBC and Al Jazeera.   One major news outlet, Fox News, was eliminated from the analysis.  The study concluded that programming on Fox was not based on actual facts, thus they are not a real source for news content.

“Viewers who have little to no interest in world affairs, care more about the Kardashians and love celebrity courtroom trials, well, there’s a channel for them.  It’s called CNN,” Said Carl Weatherford, the President of the A.S.B.

Recent stories reflect the absence of news on CNN programs.  Soledad O’Brien’s story, on the morning of March 8th, included a panel of ‘experts’ addressing a seven-year old girl’s diet plan.

“We’ve got a civil war in Syria, gridlock in Washington and… a seven year old girl trying to lose a few pounds?  Seriously?  The CNN producer who came up with this is better suited to work for”

The A.S.B. also found that certain news anchors within the genre are on par with early morning talk show hosts.  Leading the group was Erin Burnett, who was found to opinionate her show 90% of the time.

“The viewer only has to watch two minutes of Erin Burnett’s show to hear her make several snarky comments.  She raises her eyebrows as frequently as Bill Clinton glares at the cleavage of women.”


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