Saturday Night Live Equates to Sunday Leftovers: Stale, Tired and Predictable

NEW YORK:  SNL’s predictability, rehashed characters and photo-copied formats from yester year have disappointed 90% of fans this season.

This weekend’s host, Justin Timberlake, was supposed to be the wind to lift the franchise’s sails.  By the end of the show, fans chimed in online how they were still waiting for one gut-busting laugh.

Screen shot 2013-03-11 at 12.06.28 AM“The Maine Justice bit was flat, The Dating Game has been done a thousand times, and the Timberlake dance / rap bit, it’s half as good as it used to be.  It was like having a conversation with an old relative who forgets they ask you the same question over and over.” Said Jesse Nesbit, a life-long fan of the show in an SNL forum.

“Where was Taran Killam?  Did he piss off Timberlake?  And that Stefan bit, that’s gone downhill.  Get some balls and make those club reviews bolder.”

The Goose’s Editor In Chief concludes that the best thing Lorne Michaels could do is bring in the staff of The Goose.  “We’ll rip it up, we could produce twenty stories in a day, and yes, eighteen will suck, but at least we’ll provide two original concepts.  That’s 200% better compared to what we’ve seen on the show lately.”


One thought on “Saturday Night Live Equates to Sunday Leftovers: Stale, Tired and Predictable

  1. Oh snap, the goose is loose, shitting all over comedic institutions with free flying insults and beatdowns. Spit that shit goose, spit it all day bro and show lorne who’s boss. Yea bro, the goose got snl in a noose. Oh snap, yo.

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