Obama Describes Time In Israel / Away From Congress as a ‘God Send’

 PRESIDENT OBAMA:  “I’d rather spend time in the Gaza Strip than in Congress.”

Screen shot 2013-03-20 at 5.47.15 PMTEL AVIV:  President Obama looked refreshed and recharged during his first few hours away from the chaos of Washington DC.  Israelis were overwhelmed at the President’s reaction when they met him.

“He bear hugged me, he kissed the head of my cabinet, he even high-fived a reporter.  I’ve never seen a man so happy to be away from home,” said Benjamin Netanyahu.

During his first trip to Israel, the President appeared determined to avoid any Washington-related questions.  When asked about House Republicans, he replied, “Not going there, I’m focused on our Israeli hosts, Shalom by the way.”  When pressed again, he responded.  “Like I said, I’m not going to talk about those Re-schmuck-igans.  Ha!  Get it? Now let’s hit the Wailing Wall, who’s bringing the Manischewitz?”

The President strolled through the streets and greeted local Tel Aviv residents, expressing what appeared to be unrestricted joy at not having to deal with Congressional Leaders.

One resident felt obliged to invite him to dinner.  “The guy had tears of joy in his eyes, he seemed so relieved to be here.  I asked if he missed being home, and Obama said, any place away from DC is home to me.  Oye vye!”

The President ended the day at the 12-foot high barrier wall between Israel and the Gaza Strip.  He reportedly said, “If I had to choose between going over this wall or going back to Washington, I’d ask to borrow a ladder.”


One thought on “Obama Describes Time In Israel / Away From Congress as a ‘God Send’

  1. Oy gevalt. I wanted to give your so called “satire” a chance, but seriously your half ass attempt at yiddish idioms and famous jewish humor was just poor—misspellings–cliche phrasing, boring delivery. Come on Goose, jew can do better than that, can’t jew? Make Woody Allen, Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David proud. Cause right now it’s an obvious display of gentiles trying to jew it right, but you’re jewing it wrong!

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