Obama Doubles Down On North Korean Peace Effort: Dennis Rodman + Rupaul

Screen shot 2013-04-06 at 10.02.50 PMWASHINGTON DC:  The Obama administration, which sent Dennis Rodman on a secret peace mission, upped the ante today.  Transvestite and well-known celebrity, Rupaul, has been recruited to throw Kim Jong-un off guard.

“He’s a fan of freaks, because he is one himself,” said President Obama.  “He’s a nut job, so who better to relate to Kim Jong-un than two of America’s craziest citizens.”

Dennis Rodman was sent as a special White House envoy to encourage the hobbit tyrant to dial down tensions on the Korean peninsula.  Recent news highlights how the tactic backfired, however it is well known Kim Jong-un likes to party with cross dressers.

“He’s a coke head, and if you give him an eight ball, Kim will get Gangnam Style on your ass,” said Dennis Rodman.  “He fired off a missile and called it fireworks.  That’s some crazy shit!”

President Obama hopes Sending Rupaul will divert the North Korean leader’s attention away from military matters.

“We’re confident that Kim Jong-un is a cross dresser, and Rupaul is a queen among men.  We further hope that Rupaul seduces that short-stack little fucker.  He better hope Rupaul goes backdoor on him before one of our cruise missiles ends up back there,” said White House Press Secretary, Robert Gibbs.


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