Dumb & Dumber Producers Find Perfect Pairing For Carrey and Daniels

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Lack of accountability and irresponsible governance cited as perfect match for the forthcoming sequel.

HOLLYWOOD:  Universal Studio executives announced that the sequel to the 1994 movie is going into production.  A rewrite helped to close the deal, given the concern executives originally had that Jim Carry and Jeff Daniels themselves would not appeal to a wide enough audience.

“For months we searched high and low to find two equally stupid individuals, and we had to look no further than Capitol Hill and the White House.”  Said Ari Gold, Paramount’s Chief Entertainment Director.  “These two boneheads couldn’t legislate their way out of a paper bag.”

John Boehner and President Barack Obama will be paired and cast as Lloyd and Harry’s twin cousins.  Like the escapades the country has witnessed in Washington DC, the four of them will be on a journey to the land of ‘Hope,’ the town where Bill Clinton was raised.

Unless a dramatic change is made to the script, none of the four boneheads will find Hope.  And like the country, the characters will lose whatever hope they had left for a good sequel.   The timing of Obama’s second term, and the fact Dumb and Dumber represents a sequel, are considered by studio executives to be purely coincidental.


One thought on “Dumb & Dumber Producers Find Perfect Pairing For Carrey and Daniels

  1. Obama is a great campaigner, now if he would show some backbone. As for ‘cry me an orange river boehner’, what little leadership he may have had when he got the oversize gavel (which I think was really a flask) disappeared when he almost agreed with Obama on something. Once.

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