Special Report – Generations: The Goose Plans Expose’ on Why Gen-X Trumps Boomers / Millennials

Narcissistic Millennials…  Acid Tripping / Draft-Dodging Boomers…  Will Be Told To Go Shove It.

Screen shot 2013-10-04 at 2.07.42 AM

NEW YORK:  Over the next week, we welcome reader’s feedback on our forthcoming special report, “Generations,” where we will highlight the value of Generation X.

Considered the least selfish and most resourceful group since,  ‘The Greatest Generation,’ (those who won World War Two), The Goose will spotlight just how valuable this generation is to the country.

And unlike Millennials for example, Gen Xer’s are not bunch of self-indulged pussy’s who continue to mooch off their parents and live in their basements.  We actually learned how to wean ourselves off the umbilical cord.

Stay Tuned!


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