Brett Favre Considers Exit From Retirement Home To Play For NFL Rams

Screen shot 2013-10-24 at 11.01.34 AMBOCA-BOCA-VISTA, FLORIDA:  Brett Favre, who retired from the NFL several years ago, is considered a return to the game.  Desperate and concerned about their season, the Rams contacted the future Hall of Famer to inquire about his interest.

“If the meds can hold up, and they don’t drug test me, I’m golden,” said Mr. Favre.

His girlfriend, seated beside him at the Arthur Rothstein Retirement community, voiced her concerns.  “If the Rams would like to have their balls intercepted every other series, I’d highly recommend Brett Favre.   He is good for two things, long naps during the day and turnovers.”

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell laughed when the news was shared with him.  “It’s going to like watching Betty White out on the field.  Hell, why not try to resurrect a dead quarterback, the idea is just as valid.”


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