Majority of Americans Hope for Gecko’s Untimely Death

Hoping the rodent turns into road kill, annoyed Americans are “Fed Up” with the little sh*t

GeicoNEW YORK:  Recent Surveys completed by the Association for American Advertisers came to a definitive conclusion: The populace has suffered burn out when it comes to a Gecko offering 15% savings on insurance.

“They’ve had enough.  The average consumer has seen the Gecko 4000 times in 200 different commercials.” Said Don Draper, the organization’s president.  “They might actually switch to Geico if they would retire the green rodent.”

John Harper, a local New York resident, would applaud the opportunity to see the Gecko get killed in the next spot.  “I’ve been with State Farm for years.  If they would shut that little shit up, I might actually consider a move to Geico.”

A new spokesperson is being threaded into television spots – a fat little pig.  “Not that just wants me to eat bacon,” said Mr. Harper.

“Every time I see that Gecko, I think of that scene from Planes, Trains and Automobiles.  When Steve Martin goes back to the car-rental counter.  You know, when he says, you can start by wiping that f*cking dumb ass smile off your cheeks.  I want to bitch slap that grinning Gecko in the mouth. “


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