The Goose Awards The Goldbergs a Golden Egg Award: Best New SitCom Since Seinfeld

goldbergsNEW YORK:  The Editors of The Goose awarded the show, The Goldbergs, with a Golden Egg award today.  This honor equates to winning a Pulitzer and only one other media program has been given this honor.

“We are impressed with the show’s humor, depth of 80-s related knowledge and the circumstantial story lines,” said The Goose.  “And I’m an 80’s child, I’m biased, but it’s my f*cking blog and I’ll do what I want.”

SitComs on network television have declined in quality over the past forty years, with only a few notable exceptions: Cheers, Seinfeld, Mash and All in The Family.  There have been a few other winners, such as Frazier, a show that prompted some level of intellectual thought.  The vast majority of programming represents mindless dribble cooked up by programmer’s hell bent on delivering scale, according to The Goose.

“The last real risk anyone took in the network world was All in The Family.  That show was edgy and spoke to the generations that watched it.  Everything since has represented a repetitive treadmill of garbage, sans Chuck Lorre’s shows, which are a cut above the rest.  The Goldbergs are the exception this year and we are impressed.”

The reporter for this article identifies himself as a Millennial, and he finds the show to be rather dated.  His boss, The Goose, threatened to fire him and he has since changed his point of view.

“Shut up and finish the story or I’ll demote you to an unpaid intern, you spoiled little sh*t.”  Said The Goose.


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