The Goose Gift Giving Guide: Courtesy of

Screen shot 2013-11-05 at 2.06.58 PMNEW YORK:  The Goose is recommending to readers a new online gift-giving site that is perfectly suited for spoiled children.

The new retail site,, represents a fresh approach to children who are cranky around the holidays when all their gift requests are not met.  One faux gift featured on the site is called, ‘Extreme Chores,’ which will provides a lesson to whiny brats.

“I used this site for my son’s birthday recently,” said recently divorced John O’Donnel.  “My ex wife spoils him rotten, to the point where I’m bald from pulling my hair out.  He opened a wrapped gift and found Extreme Chores.  I told him if he didn’t stop bitching he’d get a rake and dustpan for Christmas.  That shut him up.”

Parenting groups are not pleased with the site’s offerings.  “Crib Dribbler?  Seriously?  That is obnoxious and offensive,” said the American Parent’s Association president, Judith Griswald.

The Goose reporter who interviewed this woman told her to take a Xanax and schedule a vacation.

The Goose gives a big thumb’s up to and urges Jimmy Kimmel to feature this on his hit show.


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