Goose Editors Cast Maggie Smith in Forthcoming Weather Rants

BitchyMotherFuckerNatureNEW YORK:  Goose Editors chose Maggie Smith, the renowned Downton Abbey actress, to play the role of Mother Nature in a forthcoming series of weather rants/posts.

Due to the abusive weather that has pissed off everyone across America, Editors sought a character who fit the bill. Maggie Smith’s character exudes the qualities one would expect to find if Mother Nature was a person.  These qualities include a disregard to other’s well-being, an uptight attitude, and a high and mighty personality.

“Her character represents a first-class bitch, so we placed her at the center of a Hurricane visual.  That chick, i.e. Mother Nature, needs a bong hit and a one night stand to straighten her out.”

Goose Editors are planning a series of these posts, which will happen on a regular basis when the Editor In Chief is forced to shovel his driveway for the tenth millionth f*cking time.

Readers who disapprove of the association are welcome to smoke a fattie and stop by to shovel the Editor In Chief’s driveway.  “Suck it!” said The Goose.


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