All Hail Lewis Black!

There is no question about the genius of Lewis’s Black’s Insanity.  His rants, his rage, he makes a man turn the page when society provides leaders who deserve so much blame.  Need I refrain?  Well he wouldn’t, so why should The Goose!

We hail Lewis Black as one of the tried and true realists, someone who speaketh the truth, and withholds no punches.  We need more of him, from every part of the political spectrum.  We need more discourse, we need to reboot and start anew with people we can actually respect in the media world.  There are so few of them.

So join me as we raise a stiff drink to toast the man whose throat always burns at the same temperature as one experience’s by downing unvarnished hard liquor!

All hail Lewis Black! 

All Hail Jon Stewart!

Can there be another?  A man or woman with as much wit?  A person with the same level of colossal comedic skills?

We say NO at The Goose!  Never before has such a man graced the screen while being cleverly obscene with wit and charm that makes tea baggers scream.  He puts daggers into the souls of those who tout ideology without evidence and scars those who preach fiction without facts.  He is a man amongst men, and a scholar without a collar.

We hold these truths to be self evident, and raise our glasses and toast Jon Stewart, one of our favorite cerebral celebrities.

All Hail Jon Stewart!

All Hail Stephen Colbert!

Hail thee Stephen! The man who comes into our living rooms almost every night, pitching a campaign that does not exist, from a Super PAC fund that exists solely for humor, who’s appearances are draped in the velvet robe of irony. He is…

The messiah of satiyah…

The ayatollah of rock and rolla…

the Ferris Bueller who politically skewers…

the Prozac pill of Capital Hill…

He is, without question, one of our most deeply respected inspirations here at The Goose, and if we had a trophy of him, we’d hold it up like the Vince Lombardi trophy as the champion of satire, or try to use it in seance-like ceremonies to derive greater inspirations for future stories.


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