We’re Hiring!

Correspondent Internship Sabbatical

The Goose is a multi-national reporting source, located in seventy countries around the globe. We are aggressively expanding our coverage into new markets and the corporation is presently taking applications to fill vacancies in several critical areas of the world.

Applicants who are hired will be provided the opportunity to report for The Goose, which offers the opportunity to secure by-lines and reach millions of global readers. Compensation, transport costs, medical insurance and cost-of-living needs are not available through this program. It is an experiential opportunity for aspiring writers who want to break into the reporting business.

We have opportunities in the following locations, and qualified candidates are encouraged to submit resumes to our email: thegooseemail@gmail.com


Homs, Syria – The internship in Homs represents the opportunity of a lifetime, and at times, the opportunity to remain alive will be the ultimate challenge. The reporter will be able to see the civil war up close and personal. The Goose will not be held responsible for one’s safety, insurance needs or general safety. This assignment is one of our more challenging ones, yet it represents a truly rewarding opportunity for personal development.

Required Skills: To be able to avoid authorities, Microsoft Word (i.e. writing in battle zones), light weapons training and the ability to doctor/fabricate cross-border documents (Visas, passports, etc.).


Natanz, Iran – This field office is opening based on the anticipated activity, interest and air traffic surrounding the uranium processing plant in Natanz Mountain. Our Goose reporter will investigate matters that relate to the Iranian threats of developing an atomic weapon, and use satire to cover the story. Given the risk of the death penalty, torture and general harassment, the person hired will be given the title, Senior Correspondent Intern (compensation will represent one of procured experience, not financial).

Required Skills: Satellite phone and video communication, able to disguise oneself, intense understanding of Shia Islam, operation of a Geiger counter, inner-mountain navigation skills on par with the dwarves from Lord of the Rings.

Pyongyang, North Korea – One of our most popular field offices, yet one that ironically that requires a new reporter every three to four months. During your time under cover, this top-secret assignment will not be acknowledged by Goose management until your safe return home. You will be able to see and witness a post communism state that is going through a power transition, one that provides an entirely new set of challenges every day. The Correspondent Intern will live off the land and use survival as your main defense, while simultaneously providing The Goose with three satirical stories every week.

Required Skills: Procuring daily sustenance, an exceptional level of pain tolerance, long distance running capabilities to avoid capture / imprisonment, high-level contacts in the diplomatic world which may be required as a bargaining chip in order to secure one’s personal freedom.




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